6 best practices while travelling during COVID-19

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Latest Covid-19 Guidelines For Air, Train & Bus Travel!

The thought of travelling by public transport may be a bit overwhelming. After all, you will be coming in contact with so many people and any one of them could be a carrier. And should you catch the disease, you could then pass it on to your family. So what should you do? Fortunately, there are a few precautions that can keep you safe when you travel.

Common safety guidelines for flight, train & bus travellers
First things first, preventing further spread of the disease is everyone’s responsibility. So each of us needs to follow certain guidelines to keep everyone safe from the clutches of coronavirus. These guidelines are simple to implement. At all times, be at least 6 feet away from everyone.

1. Social distancing
All forms of public transport have mandated that they will not be filled to full capacity and rows will be left vacant. To ensure that social distancing is maintained, you can form an orderly queue before boarding and when it is time to disembark making sure there is sufficient distance from the other passengers.

2. Sanitize your hands
Sanitizing your hands multiple times while commuting is crucial as all high touch surfaces would be used by commuters. It is recommended that you avoid eating. If you must eat, then ensure your hands are washed and sanitized thoroughly before and after eating food. Also avoid touching your face unnecessarily and sanitize your hands before boarding and after disembarking. Once you reach your destination you can wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly. If you’re travelling with family, ensure you have these steps followed for each of them.

3. Clean up thoroughly

To eliminate the risk of the coronavirus surviving on your clothes, suitcase or work bag, you need to disinfect them when you come home after your journey by flight, train or bus. Wash your clothes and suitcase or bags.

4. Wear a mask
Wear a protective mask at all times, from the moment you step out to when you reach home. It offers the first line of defence against transmission.

5. Comply with the authorities
There are arrangements for thermal screening at airports, railway stations and bus terminals. Please undergo the screening and any other required procedure for your own good and the safety of everyone.

6. Let us all be responsible citizens
If you are exhibiting any sign of coronavirus, refrain from travelling altogether as you will risk the health of others and consult a medical professional immediately. It is natural to be apprehensive about opting for public modes of transport in the present scenario. But life cannot remain on hold forever. Follow basic hygiene guidelines while travelling and cooperate with the transport authorities. If we are all cautious, together we can defeat the COVID-19 menace.

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