Corporate Venture

Talin Labs is your Corporate Venture Partner. Consider us your “experimental laboratory” or an Extended Arm in Sourcing Innovative Products and Services from Diverse Suppliers across the globe.

Our team brings in a diverse wealth of experience in Emerging companies as well as Fortune enterprises. We are heavily plugged into the Startup eco-system through our University Alumni & Professional networks.

Our collective experience spans across Government & University Incubators and Accelerators like MIT Media Labs, Stanford & Harvard Business School, UCLA Venture Accelerator, USC Viterbi Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Los Angeles Incubator among others.

Our team comprises of MBAs, Technologists & Bankers with diverse experience working with 100+ emerging companies and 50+ Fortune companies to the likes of Microsoft, Best Buy, NTT DATA, Siemens, GE Capital, Bank of New York Mellon, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Aviva, JNJ, Kaiser Foundation, CVS Health, Humana, Farmers Insurance, Volkswagen, Toyota/Lexus, TATA, USC, UCLA, Alaska Communications, XPO Logistics & PE / VC firms like GB Capital Markets, Wavemaker, Polymath Advisors, Star Points Capital, among others.

We are your Corporate Strategic Programs Partner & serve as your Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. We are extremely diverse & curious individuals and constantly strive to work with the best and the brightest out there.

We understand your pain in sifting through 100s or 1000s of Diverse Businesses & want to help you scout and shortlist the Top 3 or Top 5 most relevant Emerging & Diverse companies & Solutions to Integrate with.

We can provide you with full DD on the companies so you can focus on Implementing Solutions and fulfill your Diversity needs.

We are Solutions Engineers and can assist you in the designing of Proof of Concepts & building & deploying full blown Production solutions.

– How serious are you in doing business with Small & Minority Based Enterprises (MBEs)? We are Your MBE Strategic Partner & will source relevant MBEs that are Woman-owned, Black-owned, LGBTQ-owned and Disabled-owned Enterprises that can fulfill all of your diversity needs.


Why Talin Labs?

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    Cost Effective Services

    Unique operating model resulting in high quality and cost effective service

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    Experience Counts

    Extensive industry experience and knowledge

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    Prompt Communication

    Effective communication channels throughout the product timeframe

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    Never worry about ROI again

    Maximize revenue and minimize expenses.

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    Tech Specs

    State-of-the-art software lab with latest software and technologies.

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    Fast delivery model

    We execute our projects promptly & efficiently.