Custom Application Development

Talin Labs has an unique ability to identify a problem and investigate the root cause of that problem. Talin Labs has helped organizations build their IT Strategy based on companies business needs and goals.
Once published Talin Labs has then effectively designed, implemented, integrated and maintained custom business web app which helps organizations scale effectively and achieve business objective.

Talin Labs has also contributed to organizations revenue generation strategies and ties them with the organizations IT Strategy. Having extensive industry knowledge and good understanding of the Global IT Landscape, we believe that we can build custom application development solutions which will not only help the organization to grow and scale but will also perfectly fit in their existing ecosystem.In summary, Talin Labs’s custom application development solutions module will help you to:

Design effective custom solution to meet various business needs
Provide enhancements to existing in-house new and legacy applications
Creating new application will integrate with your legacy application without breaking your IT equilibrium.
Align current workflows or business processes.
Create new workflows or business processes.
Support any existing End Of Life software.
Fast-track your readiness for today’s realities, and gear up to take tomorrow.
Create custom solutions on top of off the shelf product features.


Talin Labs specializes in developing custom software applications on time and within budget using methodologies and tools such as Agile development, Lean, SCRUM, MSF, CMMI, re-factoring, software factory utilization and feature-driven development.
The application development methodology can be used for:

  • New application development
  • Existing application enhancement
  • Application consolidation
  • Application migration

Flexibility in complying with customer specific framework
Integration of best of breed process and practices
A comprehensive Project Management framework for different project types.
Robust processes with suitable entry / exit criteria for full life cycle or phase level solutions.

At a high-level, the processes followed within the methodology are:


Identify business challenges to propose custom application development solution to fill in the gaps of problematic business processes.

Design & Planning

A detailed design and planning phase is a key step to an effective and successful application development strategy. Prior to the start of any project, Talin Labs will provide detailed timelines, project estimates and scope of work documentation to ensure that your business goals and comprehensive IT initiatives will be met.

Project Management

Whether Talin Labs is acting as your outsourced IT staff, is a complement to your current staff offering unique expertise, or is helping to assist in the integration of a third-party application provider, Talin Labs’s project managers will ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

Development & Implementation

Talin Labs team will lead each step of the way to ensure that all custom applications are tested and implemented correctly with hands-on training to your staff that will need to acclimate to the new technology.


Custom application development requires ongoing support as future modifications, technical assistance, or failures repair may be required. Talin Labs team is always available for recurring maintenance .


Why Talin Labs?

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    Cost Effective Services

    Unique operating model resulting in high quality and cost effective service

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    Experience Counts

    Extensive industry experience and knowledge

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    Prompt Communication

    Effective communication channels throughout the product timeframe

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    Never worry about ROI again

    Maximize revenue and minimize expenses.

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    Tech Specs

    State-of-the-art software lab with latest software and technologies.

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    Fast delivery model

    We execute our projects promptly & efficiently.