Talin Labs & Kenja Business Partnership

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To know how the business partnership between Talin Labs & Kenja will work, let us see what both the companies do. How both the company’s expertise will benefit the end enterprises through this business partnership.

What does Talin Labs do?

Talin Labs is recognized as a highly Innovative & Agile Business with a Global footprint. Talin Labs has 20 years of expertise in providing Content management services across various sectors for various Startups and Fortune Enterprises across the world.
Our collective experience spans Fortune companies, Government & University Incubators and Accelerators like MIT Media Labs, Stanford & Harvard Business School, UCLA Venture Accelerator, USC Viterbi Technology Innovation &
Entrepreneurship, Los Angeles Incubator among others
Our Niche is “Collaborative Innovations” in any industry vertical. We achieve our goals by aligning with our partners’ needs. We then wear our “Design Thinking” hats & implement Innovative Product & Solutions that is a Win-Win for all.

TL has the expertise to provide the following services-
* Content Management
* Corporate Venture Partnerships with Diverse Businesses.
* Technology Sourcing, Scouting, Due Diligence.
* Emerging Technologies, AI, Cybersecurity.

What does Kenja do?

Kenja has developed a blockchain platform, which enhances blockchain security that can help you run your business smarter and more securely & efficiently.
Kenja has developed a vertically integrated solution so that Enterprises can reach their SDG/ESG goals this is fully transparent for internal and external compliance.
Blockchain tech in the Retail Industry- to provide full province of food processes and feet the data into the blockchain The Uses can share the relevant information to external and internal bodies in a visual and Secure way using publish the website.

Blockchain technology is also used in CMS/ECM to provide an Immutable transparent and super secure internal and external content management system for Enterprises.
Blockchain services in the food industry- for certification bodies we offer a blockchain-enabled platform that allows the end-user to visualize the entire supply chain giving them confidence in the food that they purchase along with the valid certifications available.
Blockchain services in finance and accounting in the sectors – We develop platforms that allow the end-user to better organize the content and share it with the vendors we also deliver a to and 3-way automated invoice matching system with up to 90% accuracy so teams can focus more on other important tasks which in terms saves time and increases
the productivity
Blockchain services for recruiting industry- by using a platform you can find the candidate for the best job using the direction search Nexus in on the way you can visualize recruiting so users can compare analyze and choose the right candidate for the right position in a matter of minutes which can help the hiring manager to find the right resource for the right role within a give time frame.

How the Talin Labs & Kenja business partnership will benefit enterprises?

Talin Labs & Kenja have entered into a partnership to provide Content management services along with Kenja’s versatile platform using Blockchain technology to provide the best outcome for enterprises.
Talin Labs & Kenja are working together to revolutionize the content management sector by using blockchain technology.
With Talin Labs’ content management expertise & Kenja platform using blockchain technology, we can provide any enterprise with the desired result. By using the platform we can provide an immutable, transparent, and super secure internal and external content management system for enterprises. This service can be provided across various Industries to meet the customer’s requirements to the fullest customization. The versatile platform provides a tasking, collaboration, and sharing platform with an intuitive design and a variety of tools that help you organize your content and share it safely. The solution will help enterprises reduce the risk of data breaches, fraud, and money laundering while delivering a superior experience to customers through improved process efficiency, better record-keeping, and accelerated turnaround time.
Unlike many existing management tools which build their workplace collaboration around an individual’s personal network, it is a content-centric platform. By using this platform we offer larger enterprises a real solution to information overload, breaking work down in an uncomplicated way, and avoiding messy timeline-based organization that occurs by default in email or chat. Thus we can help your company achieve smooth digital transformation.
Join us in providing the best content management services for your enterprise by using our services provided to keep your content safe & organized using our Content Management platform services offered. Industry experts have noted that the efficiency introduced by blockchain can reduce document processing expenses by 15 to 25 percent thus leading to billions worth of savings across the industry.

Feel FREE to connect with us to get a consultation session with our experts to understand how this technology platform will benefit your enterprise.

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