**FDA REGISTERED** Covid-19 Preventative Mask- Boat design. Environmental Friendly (No Plastic) Reusable for 3+ months Face Mask- Boat design | 1 Qty = 5 pieces


FDA REGISTERED COVID-19 Preventative Mask- Boat design!
Environmentally Friendly (No plastic) & Reusable for 3+ months

It provides protection against the new Delta & Omicron variant.

Face Mask is Anti-bacterial and kills 99.5% of bacteria including Pneumonia bacteria.

Mask is Anti-fungal and does not cause any skin allergies.

Mask is Super breathable and has a breathability of 26 pa/cm2.

Mask is reusable for 60+ washes and provides the same protection after long use.

Furthermore, you save Mother Earth as we don’t use plastic and thus our Products are Fully Biodegradable.

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White label with MOQ: 10,000+ Mask

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